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"Please Disrobe to Your Comfort Level" What?

We’ve gone over your intake, discussed your areas of focus, and as I leave to wash my hands I tell you: “Please disrobe to your comfort level.” But what does that mean?

First, let’s address something: not all massage modalities require you to disrobe at all! Shiatsu, Thai, Acupressure, Reflexology, Sports, Craniosacral Therapy, Rolfing & Energy Modalities are just a few where the client can remain fully clothed.

The In Touch Massage is done in the “swedish” style, and you will be asked to disrobe. But what does “your comfort level” really mean? Well, you should feel comfortable.

Here is what I want you to know about your level of dress during a massage to help you decide how comfortable you can expect to be:

  • You will remain FULLY DRAPED while in session with special attention paid to keeping breast tissue and genital areas covered, all genders.

  • Certified/Licensed Massage Therapists are trained to work at any clothing level, and don’t mind if you keep certain pieces on for your personal comfort, whatever the reason. Most common item left on: underwear. Often accidentally left on (and I’m happy to help remove them if this is you): socks.

  • Speaking for myself, I prefer to have you fully disrobed so I have the greatest unfettered access to your muscle tissue. This way I’m focusing on the massage and not on moving around the item or trying to avoid getting massage gel on it.

  • Additionally appreciated is removing any non permanent jewelry prior to laying on the table. Working around jewelry is doable, but decreases connectivity during massage.

Ultimately, if you are too tense thinking about “falling out” during the massage, then you are not receiving the full benefits, even if you are fully disrobed. So be comfortable!

Get comfortable and get your next massage today.

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